+ How did All Kids Can get started?

All Kids Can is an umbrella ministry which was developed under the encouragement of Simply Grace Ministries. Simply Grace is designed to empower women to use their God-given gifts and talents to birth new ministries in the community. Seeing a disparity in the schools of student involvements in healthy activities such as sports and music due to increasing costs in camps, apparel, and equipment, three women on the current board met one morning in 2009 to begin brainstorming the mission and purpose of All Kids Can. In a very short time it became apparent that not only was the need viable, but many other adults in the community shared a commitment and passion to make activities equitable for all kids in our community. Thus a strong foundation and committee began its work. Initially we met needs one a time by time basis trusting God to match each need with a donator. Eventually we began to raise money through fundraisers tied to child activities such as a girls basketball tournament and softball tournament as well as concessions at dance recitals and help with the Sioux Center Triathalon. We believe healthy kids are involved kids and that God desires these same opportunities for all His children. It is our goal and desire to take away any and all obstacles to healthy involvement in a balance of activities including music camps, private lessons, STEM camps, basketball, football, wrestling, dance, hockey, gymnastics and an unlimited number of others.

+ How does All Kids Can obtain resources to provide support?

All Kids Can relies heavily on two methods of raising finances. First, AKC puts on 4 fundraiser events a year. The events consist of:

5th to 8th girls basketball tournament

5th-8th softball tourney

The second method is through help and partnership with other organizations, businesses, and personal donations. As an example of that partnership is AKC works with the Commnunity Unity meal each fall to provide snow boots to families that need them.

+ What type of donations do you currently accept?

Currently, we only accept monetary donations. We accept both checks that can be mailed to "Tim Gesink c/o All Kids Can 3092 370th St. Sioux Center, IA 51250" or an online donation located here.

+ Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes. After donating online you will receive a confirmation/invoice via the email account you listed at checkout.

+ What are donations used for?

Donations are primarily financial and used to assist children to participate in “extra” activities by meeting all or part of tuition fees. However we also provide monies or resources for equipment and rides or mentorship if possible. AKC exists to remove any and all obstacles that may inhibit a child’s participation in healthy activities.

+ How can I donate my time?

We have multiple fundraising events throughout the year where we need “people-power” and human resources. Please see our donation page to consider volunteering for one of these events.

+ What other ways can I help?

You can help through partnerships (both financial and oppourtunities), join our team, get the word out, and prayer support.

+ Who does All Kids Can help?

AKC helps anyone who needs assistance to participate in any type of extra-curricular activity. Preference is given to those who reside within the Sioux Center School District. If you are outside of the Sioux Center School District, feel free to apply for aid and the board will evaluate your request. Examples include camps, clinics, all state music, Dordt Discovery Days, athletics, shoes, equipment, Sioux Center Recreation and Arts programs, piano and string lessons, instrumental rental, prom dresses, and much more. We have also partnered with The Ridge, using funds from AKC that were designated for golf, to provide a free family night of golf.

+ How can I request aid?

Due to the large amount of requests we recieve, we are only processing requests through our website. Visit our Request Aid page to fill out the online form. After filling out the form, if you are not contacted within 72 hours, please call (712) 722-2130.

+ Can I make a request for someone other than my family?

Because we are a ministry, we prefer one to one perrsonal contact with individuals of the immmediate family allowing us to share the Grace of God and provide follow up if and when necessary.

+ What does NOT qualify for an AKC request and/or how do you determine approvals?

Annual individual limits (caps) are determined yearly by the board. Any activity that allows a child to thrive will be considered for assistance.

+ Is my request kept confidential?

Yes, completely.