Board Members

Vicki Franken - President

Vicki is a retired middle school counselor and has always loved working with people, especially kids. Vicki is Grandma to 11 grandchildren and enjoys spending time with them and attending their activities. All Kids Can became a part of her life when she was a counselor at the Sioux Center Middle School, and now Vic loves being part of the organization and giving back through helping and supporting kids and their families. 


Josh Bowar - Vice President

Josh Bowar is the vice president of All Kids Can. He serves at Sioux Center Christian School as the assistant principal and enjoys being part of the All Kids Can team because he believes that all kids should have the opportunity to be involved and develop their talents and gifts. He enjoys reading, working with people, community service, spending time with family, and a good cup of coffee. 


Tim Gesink - Treasurer

Tim Gesink is the president at Primebank in Sioux Center. His wife is Kristi, and together they have 5 kids: Shalee, Sydney, Nyiah, Taya, and Makai. Tim joined All Kids Can because he believes that every child should have an opportunity to participate no matter what the circumstances. As part of the All Kids Can board, Tim enjoys having the opportunity to assist in that participation through God's grace.


Mel Cleveringa - Assistant Treasurer

Mel is a teacher at the Sioux Center High School and mother of four active children: Carrigan, Tanner, Camryn, and Tage. Mel enjoys golfing, reading, and watching her children participate in their school activities. Mel has been with the program from its earliest beginnings and has watched God at work with this program in many situations that have left her confident that God's hands are all over this ministry. Knowing He can do all things with or without our help, Mel feels blessed, privileged, and humbled to have the opportunity to be a part of this exciting approach to Kingdom building.   

Jodi Fritz - Secretary

Jodi and her husband Nathan have four children: Spencer, Lindi, Kylar, and Mylie. This family is very active and loves sports and outdoor activities. Jodi feels very blessed to be a part of a team that can be the hands and feet of Jesus for so many local children. 


Jami Sandbulte - Assistant Secretary

Jami and her husband Shawn are blessed with 5 children: Alison, Aubrey, Avery, Alydia, and Akenna. The family loves farm life. Jami is a para-educator at Sioux Center High School. She feels the best part of being involved with All Kids Can is watching kids participate in activities and watch them experience that activity with excitement and enthusiasm. Jami feels so blessed to live in a community that helps others and is very generous. From piano lessons to hockey, dance lessons to soccer, basketball to softball, and everything in-between; involved kids are healthy kids and that's what the AKC board believes!

Stacey Bradshaw

Stacey was born and raised in Sioux Center. She works at Premier Communications in Sioux Center. She is married and has two children: Jace and Jersey. Stacey enthusiastically participates in All Kids Can to share her love for both children and sports. 


Libby Van Bruggen

Libby Van Bruggen is a wife, mother of two, and occupational therapist. She believes that engaging activities as youth makes an impact for a lifetime.


Brian Schmalbeck

Brian Schmalbeck joined the All Kids Can organization in 2015.  He is married to Kari Schmalbeck and they have two girls, Tatum and Maci.  Brian and Kari are teachers and coaches in the Sioux Center School District.  Brian chose to get involved in All Kids Can because of what the organization does for kids: removing obstacles so kids can participate in activities they enjoy.



Jean Ellis

Jean Ellis had the privilege to teach young adults for thirty-five years.  Her passion is seeing children succeed and this has been one of the greatest joys of her career in education.  Jean believes it is an excellent opportunity to serve on the ALL KIDS CAN BOARD and continue to share her life mission with others.  Jean shows this passion stating, “I would love to hear how ALL KIDS CAN can assist your children in growing and reaching their full potential as children of God.  Blessings...Jean E.”

LeAnn Englin

LeAnn Englin and her husband Garret have three children; Jenna 15, Carli 9, Kayle 3.  The family stays very busy with youth activities in 4-H, athletics, and church.  Leann recognizes the importance of the youth in our community and the future they hold.  She enjoys being on the team of AKC because “we are working in the faith of our God and helping every child possible in our community have the opportunity to be involved in something they love ---- helping them become a better them!” 

Fabiola Castelan

Faby Castelan works at Sioux Center High School as an ESL Newcomer teacher. She is originally from Hidalgo, Mexico but has lived in Sioux Center since she was three years old. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading a good book, and going on bike rides. She feels blessed and humbled by the opportunity to serve God’s kingdom through All Kids Can. Faby believes in providing all children with the opportunity to participate in activities in order to further develop their gifts and talents. 

Iver Mettler


Vicki Franken

Josh Bowar

Tim Gesink

Mel Cleveringa

Jodi Fritz

Jami Sandbulte


Stacey Bradshaw

Libby Van Bruggen

Brian Schmalbeck

Jean Ellis

Leann Englin